Services & Specialties

Services range anywhere from fifteen minutes of consulting to full life cycle development of applications. Here's an overview.


My primary service is programming, and primarily in Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and SQL Server. I've worked with Access since 1996 (version 2.0) - either developing applications through their full life cycle (designing, programming, testing, and implementing), or providing fixes or enhancements to existing applications.

Most of my work is performed directly for clients, though I also provide services for other programmers who need help with their development projects. Whatever programming need you might have - whether a small enhancement to an existing application, or the development of a new application from scratch - my services are available.

Database Administration

I also provide DBA services, having worked as a database administrator for SQL Server databases in conjunction with Access projects, providing both development and maintenance of the SQL Server databases. This can be done on-site or remotely (using Remote Desktop Connection).

Database Conversions

I have done many database conversions over the years, including:
  • Converting legacy systems to Access (both data and application).
  • Porting Access data to SQL Server and adjusting the Access application accordingly.
  • Upgrading Access applications to new versions.
  • Writing parsing routines to automatically convert data from one format to another (e.g., converting addresses that are in a "mailing label" format to a format where each piece of data (address, city, state, zip, etc.) is in its own field).
Whatever database conversion needs you may have, they can be met.

Office Automation

I have automated many tasks between Office applications, using the Access database as the driving application. Some examples include:
  • Automated Word mail merge from Access data.
  • Automated e-mail generation in Outlook from Access data.
  • Working with Excel data in Access and bringing Access data into Excel.
  • Automatically compiling a formatted Word document, using data entered into Access in rich textbox controls.
The list goes on. Basically, just about anything that can be done in Office can be automated through Access, providing a single place to both manage your data, as well as to automatically use that data in other Office applications.


I also provide consulting services - either in person, by phone, or e-mail - working with clients who wish to develop their own solutions, but have questions or need help from time to time. Whether it's answering a few questions, or working with someone for extended periods of time, I enjoy helping people develop their own solutions.


Having worked as a technical writer for several years before becoming a programmer, I can provide a quality of documentation service usually found only among documentation specialists. Online help, user’s guides, functional specifications, technical references, etc., are some of the types of documentation produced in conjunction with database projects.

(For an example of a document I wrote, go to, and click on the Performance '95 User's Guide link (perf95.pdf).)