Here are some testimonials from past and current clients.

Neil Ginsberg did a great job coming up to speed with the issue OIW Nuclear Products Division was trying to resolve and was responsive and timely in creating a solution for us.  We went through a few iterations to arrive at the final configuration of the database he created for us based on his expert recommendations and our evolving needs. We couldn’t be happier with the results.  This database saves OIW-NPD literally hundreds of hours of paper compilation and automates this to a task taking only minutes and the click of one button!

Stacey Raben, PMP
Project Manager, Nuclear Products Division
Oregon Iron Works, Inc.

I've dealt with Neil twice over the last two years.  He turns projects around quickly and in every case has exceeded my expectations.  Neil wrote code to automatically create hyperlinked folders in my Access Database, print and save PDF reports to these folders, and the option to email the report with a generic message to the customer.  Additionally, he wrote the code for a specialized calculation tool, a search form and a quote to order conversion tool.  These automations are huge time savers and eliminates the chance for user error.

Ryan Gilly
Pyramid Lighting

Neil is a very reliable and talented programmer who was key in helping us design and produce a database software application for record keeping.  With this system management our company feels more secure about employees executing their tasks in a reliable and organized manner.  I would definitely use Neil again and in fact am planning on sending him more work in the coming days.

Charles King 
PC Electronics Limited

We found Neil through a recommendation from one of his colleagues.  He helped us turn our monthly reports, a process that took multiple hours, into a simple and quick process.  He was able to take our business objectives and turn them into a perfect database.  We completed our first project together last month and we did our first success run.  We will work with Neil on many more of our future projects.

Clinton Weyland
Systems Manager, Prime Services Group
Mason McDuffie Mortgage Corporation

Our membership records were managed very ineffectively through a combination of paper files, Outlook, QuickBooks, and Excel spreadsheets. Neil designed and developed an Access database which put all our records in one place, greatly improving our efficiency and accuracy in managing membership information (which included membership types, family and contact information, anniversary dates, dues dates, invoicing, and dues receipts). Through the use of the database's integrated e-mail system, invoices and other kinds of membership communication are done right off the database, rather than requiring time-consuming mail merges.

David Mills
Stuart Sailfish Club

We were lucky to have found Neil in our search for someone who could help us design a database to be used in a variety of situations overseas. He was patient in helping us to take the range of needs and ideas that we had for the database and to make them into something which the software was capable of delivering. He was also extra patient during the arduous tweaking of the database as we went through the process of testing and of helping us subsequently with installation.

We now have a better/more powerful system containing much the same functionality as systems in other projects overseas within our organization created with a team of programmers in Cold Fusion or something else exotic. The system we created is perfect for a small project with one person taking care of the administration. The database is now much in demand and I have recommended that the other projects within our organization contact Neil for his assistance in customization.

Doug Baker
Technical Director
Management Systems International

Neil helped enhance and redesign an existing manufacturing database. I
was very impressed with Neil's understanding of not only the programming,
but also the business processes that were driving the programming. On
several occasions Neil was able to provide guidance on how to best
design the database to improve performance and usability. 

Andrew Eckstrom, Owner
Eckstrom Consulting

Neil is an excellent resource to my company for programming needs and a pleasure to work with. He goes the extra mile when specifications are incomplete and deadlines are near to get the correct specifications, solution and timely delivery of the application(s). All projects he has been involved with have been a success and have had an excellent ROI.

Gene Wilson, President
Custom Access Programmers, LLC
Waterford, MI

Neil developed the perfect database that enabled us to provide a status for Vendor payment packages and invoices. Due to our sheer volume of contracting actions, we needed an automated database that would integrate our data into one, user friendly database.  Neil's database is perfect for our needs.

Anthony Rogers, Major, US Army
Deputy Commander, Operations
Kabul Regional Contracting Center, Afghanistan

Neil was able to develop a customized Access Database for our organization that has been critical in tracking attendance and distribution of gear to our participants.  He was extremely responsive throughout the entire process and was very helpful in developing a database that is not only critical to managing our inventory, but user friendly as well.  I highly recommend his services if you are in need of help with creating a database.

Chris Hanlon
Executive Director
Beat the Streets Philadelphia

Although I am a long-time professional Access developer (Microsoft, Boeing, the U.S. Government, and multitudes of small to medium clients) for over 16 years, there are times when I hit a brick wall. At those times, I've reached out to Neil and found him to be extremely knowledgeable, very fast, not only in responding, but also in developing the solution, and very fair in his billing rates. He also documents what he does so I can learn from his expert (and eloquent) code. 

But while there are many Access experts out there on the Internet, Neil is rare in that he has worked late evenings, weekends, and even holidays to help me solve my crisis. He is NOT your typical 8-5 Monday through Friday expert. It seems I always hit the wall late at night or on the weekends, and there is no one
I would turn to first other than Neil. 

He is an extraordinary code warrior who knows his stuff and has never failed to save the day. I strongly recommend Neil for beginner to expert level Access power users or professional developers. He truly is the best!

Linda Worthy
Microsoft Access Consultant
Washington State

I have relied on Neil as the senior programmer/consultant for developing a new benefits program for the Palm Beach County (FL) Firefighters Union. His programming and suggestions have been invaluable in the development and success of the project. His coding has been first rate, always delivered when promised, and with clear explanations of how it works.

William B. Sedgwick

Consultant – MCSE – CCNA – CNA - CCA

Palm Beach County Firefighters Union

I have used Neils programming services for over eight years, and would recommend him as a very trustworthy and conscientious programmer. More than that, though, he adds value to his services by getting to know a clients market and business objectives, so he can better tailor code to meet the clients objectives without detailed instructions from the client. He is then able to present program options to a client who may be unfamiliar with code, and would not otherwise know what options to even ask about.

Jack Stone, President
Docket Systems, LLC

Mr. Ginsberg exhibited superior programming skills in developing an application for our company. He delivered an application beyond our expectations, on time and under budget. His ability to determine the customers needs and provide extremely accurate work based on those needs is the best Ive ever seen.

Bill Tyler
Director of Information Services
Remington Hotel Corporation

Ive used Neil for various Access projects, and have found him to be an excellent Access consultant. He is my first choice when I need external programming. His code is tight and well thought out, he knows all the Access wrinkles, he is clearly ethical in his approach, and his sense of humour is as close to an English sense of humour as you can get 5,000 miles away. I can recommend him wholeheartedly.

Tim Davies
Tim Davies Programming Services

I have used Neil Ginsberg on several occasions and always found his programming to be very professionally done and commented. He includes easy to follow explanations of his work that allow his application to be dropped into whatever project we are working on. I consider Neil to be an expert level programmer and would not hesitate to use his services for any programming project.

David Tripp, President
Tripp Consulting, LLC

Neil did a great job on our database. He was very prompt and did a terrific job taking our rough ideas and putting them into a user friendly format.

Jennifer Larsen
Aloe Commodities International

I have used Neil as a reference for Microsoft Access projects I have designed. His responses have been very helpful, very timely and we were able to do everything through e-mail. He obviously knows Access and how to make it work, as well as having the ability to understand the definition of the project that needs to be accomplished.

Teri Grupp

“Neil Ginsberg wrote the 100 page User's Guide for our new software product, Performance ’95. The manual was highly technical and required Neil to understand both the terminology and the technology of the product. Neil had full control over the project and completed the manual in about one month. In addition, Neil supervised the effort to produce the on-line help from the written documentation.

“Neil did an excellent job with all aspects of the project. He was not shy about asking questions or requesting clarification. We were under a very tight deadline to ship and Neil was able to quickly grasp the technical details. His writing was clear and very thorough. While writing the manual, Neil found several bugs in the software and he made excellent user-interface design recommendations.

“When PC Today magazine reviewed Performance ’95, this is what they had to say about the documentation:

‘Though the online documentation is good, BonAmi didn’t skimp on the written manual, including detailed descriptions of how the program work (sic). The designers didn’t have to include some of the background information, but its presence is useful...’

“I will certainly ask Neil to work with us on our next project and I would not hesitate to recommend him.” 

Keith Gutfreund, President
BonAmi Software Corporation